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Who Actually Installs the System

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Here now gone tomorrow

So a salesperson attends, gains your confidence in doing a good job on your solar system and explains how the system is to be configured.

Then comes the day of the installation and you know in your gut that something is not quite right.They do not look professional.The installation team change the configuration and unfortunately communication is not very good as the leader of the team only speaks broken English.. So you ring the salesman who left the company, he now sells cars, you are then put on hold. Always find out who is actually doing the installation, if they say its local ask them who. It is not unusual for Queensland teams to come to the South Coast.

BEWARE: Not all installation teams are the same. Most large companies employ sub contractors who receive a minimum payment for every installation. Their goal is a quick install and leave. We receive calls almost weekly from large companies wanting us to do their installations. What amazes me is they do not know the quality of our work or how competent we are.

Forget panels, Inverters, etc- if your installation is not done correctly it will fail.That is the best scenario - if the DC Isolators are not correctly installed they can catch fire, if they don't use correct fittings they will melt and the list goes on.

THE INSTALLATION TEAM ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT WHEN INSTALLING A SOLAR SYSTEM. If something goes wrong you should be able to ring them up and they should attend and give you a free service call. Its called looking after your customer.

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